Precision Instruments

AtheNA Multi-Lyte® Instrument

The AtheNA Multi-Lyte® Instrument is a flexible analyzer based on the principles of flow cytometry. The system enables the laboratory to multiplex (simultaneously measure) up to 100 analytes in a single microplate well, using very small sample volumes.

The AtheNA Multi-Lyte® Instrument is the combination of three core technologies. The first is Luminex xMAP microspheres, a family of 100 fluorescently dyed 5.6 micron-sized polystyrene microspheres that act as both the identifier and the solid surface to build the assay. The second is a flow cytometry-based instrument, which integrates key xMAP detection components such as lasers, optics, fluidics and high-speed digital signal processors. The third component is the Luminex and AtheNA Multi-Lyte® software, which are designed for protocol-based data acquisition with robust data regression analysis.

As an effective alternative to IFA and ELISA tests, AtheNA Multi-Lyte® Instrument offers:

  • Both qualitative and quantitative detection
  • A growing menu available in the fields of autoimmune and infectious disease
  • Intra-Well Calibration Technology® for patient-specific cali-bration ensuring accuracy and virtually eliminating drift
  • Fewer procedural steps than typical IFA and ELISA tests
  • At least fifty-times the confidence of IFA and ELISA