Innovation & Technology

Innovation creates vision, research guides that vision

ZEUS Scientific is recognized as a global leader in autoimmune and infectious disease testing.

For over 30 years, ZEUS Scientific has developed a diverse portfolio of autoimmune and infectious disease kits that continue to satisfy the needs of health care professionals worldwide.

ZEUS has excelled throughout the years with 155+ FDA-cleared test systems, 25 patent submissions, and over 100 CE registered products for a multitude of diagnostic tests.

Products based on research

The AtheNA Multi-Lyte® represents a breakthrough in simultaneous, single-well, multiple-analyte testing. Advances such as this are made possible by our dedicated staff of scientists and laboratory professionals. The team at ZEUS Scientific continually monitors the needs of the diagnostic industry and responds by developing new tests and new technologies to meet the needs of the global marketplace. ZEUS Scientific has initiated several projects in the molecular diagnostics field as part of these efforts.

ZEUS' focus and core competencies are the development and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic test systems for autoimmune and infectious diseases. ZEUS Scientific continues to develop diagnostic tests in these areas but also is developing innovative diagnostic products in other diagnostic markets and working with cutting edge technologies to bring new products to the global marketplace.