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ZEUS IF ELITE is the latest version of IFA automated processors. This unique instrument incorporates a three needle system that allows fast and optimal processing on 20 IFA slides. All parameters for dilution, dispensing, incubation, washing, reading and data processing can be customized for your laboratory.

  Some of the efficient features of the ZEUS IF ELITE:

  • Capable of processing up to 169 samples on 20 IFA slides
  • Capable of processing up to 10 assays in the same run
  • A 3 probe system for fast processing without the risk of carry-over or cross contamination
  • Customizable slide washing modes allow multi-well, continuous flow or drop by drop for effective washing

Additional details of the ZEUS IF ELITE:

 Liquid Handling - 3 probes:  2 to dispense and dilute sample and reagents, third probe for aspiration from

 Slide washing - Wells are washed one at a time to avoid carry-over

 Washing modes - Multi-well, coninuous flow or drop by drop for specific washing effectiveness

 Dispense - CV <1%, inaccuracy 1% at 100µL

 Aspiration -  CV <1%, inaccuracy 1% at 100µL; minimum volume 5µL, 1µL resolution

 Syringes - 2 with 1000µL volume each, 1µL resolution

 Connection - LIS interface cabability, work list import from host computer

 Size -  44.5" X 30.3" X 29.5" H

 Weight - 265lbs


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