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dIFine® the future of IFA testing

Nov 11, 2022

Pioneering the future of immunofluorescence imaging

As a pioneer in indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) technology, ZEUS has continually delivered quality products and expertise in autoimmune serology that laboratories have relied upon since 1976.

The ZEUS dIFine® digital immunofluorescence system is the next generation in IFA imaging and pattern recognition. dIFine is an automated digital scanner with intelligent software, designed to acquire, analyze, display and store digital images of ZEUS HEp-2 IFA slides.*

ZEUS is taking your ANA IFA testing to the next level by pairing our top tier IFA ANA HEp-2 product with our dIFine system and quickly delivering positive/negative results.  Want more? dIFine has automated interpretation of 8 distinct ANA HEp-2 patterns:  homogenous, speckled, centromere, nucleolar, nuclear dots, nuclear membrane, cytoplasmic (ribosomal) and cytoplasmic (mitochondrial).*


Key features:

  • State of the art image acquisition
    • dIFine digitizes virtually the entire well and does not limit your view like other systems
    • Scans and analyzes 8 slides (96 wells) in under an hour
  • Focus your time and attention on positive samples
    • View, review and validate negative samples with a single mouse click
  • Intelligent pattern recognition with identification and pinpoint location of mitotic cells in each well
    • More than 100 cell attributes are analyzed for pattern recognition
    • Instant identification and pinpoint location of mitotic cells within the well allows you to spend your time analyzing instead of searching for the cells that matter.
  • Intuitive highly sophisticated software* in a truly user-friendly format
    • Wizard guided software allows for multiple views of results:
      • High-level batch view provides view of all slides with results determinations
      • Individual slide view with thumbnail images of cells in each well
      • Full screen view of each well with ability to navigate the well
      • Side-by-side comparison of multiple wells
    • Built-in pattern atlas for side by side comparison with ZEUS proprietary images and ICAP patterns provides an instant reference



 Schedule your dIFine demo today!  Contact contact our sales team and learn more at www.zeusscientific.com/difine.



The ZEUS Scientific Team





* FDA 510(k) cleared. All suggested results obtained with ZEUS dIFine must be confirmed by a trained operator.

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