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Sebia AI-ID Announcement

Jan 22, 2024


January 22, 2024

Dear Valued Customer,

Following the acquisition of ZEUS Scientific by Sebia in October 2022, we are delighted to inform you that as of January 1, 2024, ZEUS Scientific is operating as:

Sebia Autoimmune & Infectious Diseases

  1. What will change regarding the products?
    ZEUS Scientific will remain the legal manufacturer of products manufactured at its Branchburg, NJ site.
  2. What about my contractual documents, invoices, etc.?
    ZEUS Scientific will remain the legal entity, and there will be no changes to your contract, purchase orders, invoices, and other documents.
  3. What products will be offered by Sebia Autoimmune & Infectious Diseases?
    We will be offering products manufactured by ZEUS (IFA, EIA, AtheNA) and other Sebia autoimmune and infectious diseases products, such as the Alegria 2 system and its associated reagents, once FDA-cleared.

Sebia Autoimmune & Infectious Diseases offers an expanded catalog of in vitro diagnostic products and services, specializing in several technologies and clinical areas, including inflammatory rheumatic diseases, serological detection of autoimmune vasculitis, thyroid diagnostics, gastroenterology, and a number of infectious diseases, including industry-first superior solutions for Lyme disease.

For questions, please contact us through our website www.zeusscientific.com or email the sales team (sales@zeusscientific.com).


ZEUS Scientific, LLC
200 Evans Way, Branchburg, NJ 08876 - USA
Tel: +1 (908) 526-3744 - Toll-free (U.S. Only): +1 (800) 286-2111 - Fax: +1 (908) 526-2058 - www.zeusscientific.com
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