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ZEUS reviews the importance of an accurate diagnosis and treatment options for Lyme disease

Jun 3, 2022

Understanding the importance of an accurate diagnosis and treatment options

Thank you for joining us for this Lyme Disease Awareness Month Educational Series. We hope you have benefited from the information provided either as a reminder for this Lyme disease season or as an opportunity to learn something new.  In this final Lyme Disease Awareness Series installment, we focus on diagnosis and treatment options.

Once the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi was identified as the cause of Lyme disease in North America, antibiotics became the treatment of choice. As antibiotic resistance by bacteria is an increasingly serious concern, getting the appropriate treatment is more important than ever.

Proper treatment for Lyme disease starts with an accurate diagnosis.  Symptoms of Lyme disease mimic other illnesses and many patients do not recall being exposed to a tick, making diagnosis difficult. Laboratory tests to identify specific patient antibodies to the bacteria help confirm or rule out a Lyme disease diagnosis.  Serology testing is most reliable a few weeks after exposure after a patient has had time to begin to produce specific antibodies.  At this critical time, it is very important to select the most sensitive serology test available.

The importance of choosing a sensitive and accurate Lyme disease diagnostic test is clear, as untreated Lyme disease can cause severe symptoms that are hard to resolve. The ZEUS Borrelia MTTT algorithm has been shown to provide up to 30% improvement in detection of early Lyme disease over the traditional methods.

Trust the pioneers who continue to improve Lyme disease testing and don’t accept the status quo. ZEUS Scientific has always focused on the patient first and continues to improve upon available Lyme disease testing options.



Treatment options for Lyme disease1

  • Early-stage Lyme disease – oral antibiotics treatment course 10 -14 days
  • Neurologic Lyme disease, Lyme carditis, or Lyme arthritis – intravenous antibiotics 10-28 days



With the ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ and ZEUS ELISA® Test Systems, labs benefit from: 

  • Visual verification of sample addition with SAVe Diluent® so no well is missed*
  • Streamlined throughput using the ZEUS universal ELISA protocol
  • Identical incubation times, temperatures and wash steps
  • Common components facilitate multi-batching on the same plate
  • Consolidation of both Lyme disease testing tiers into one method boosts efficiency
  • Screen and confirm on the same bench/day/run
  • Improved accuracy in detecting early Lyme disease

The ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ algorithm improves detection of early Lyme disease by up to 30% compared to the Standard Two-Tiered Testing (STTT) algorithm. The STTT algorithm requires a second tier immunoblot which adds subjectivity in results interpretation and reduces sensitivity in measuring acute Lyme disease. See what you have been missing by using ZEUS’s MTTT algorithm and replace outdated immunoblots with a 2nd tier ELISA.

* included in majority of kits


Who would you trust for your family’s Lyme disease testing?

ZEUS Scientific has a long record of pioneering new and improved tests to detect Lyme disease. ZEUS doesn't accept the status quo and has been putting Lyme disease patients first since 1987.


Test with confidence.  Test with ZEUS.

The pioneering experts in Lyme disease testing.



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The ZEUS Scientific Team


1 CDC Treatment for for erythema migrans


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