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ZEUS Scientific Expands ELISA Product Menu With Acquisition of Hama Detection Laboratory Tests

May 26, 2015

ZEUS Scientific announced today that it has finalized an agreement to purchase all right, title, and interest in the ImmuSTRIP HAMA IgG and ImmuSTRIP® HAMA Fragment ELISA kits from Immunomedics, Inc. (NASDAQ: IMMU). Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. These two products are ELISA immunoassays used to detect intact Human Anti-Murine Antibodies (HAMA) or its fragments. The tests permit HAMA results from patient’s serum in as little as one hour. The ImmuSTRIP HAMA IgG kit is U.S. FDA approved for the detection and semi-quantitation of human antibodies to mouse IgG.

ZEUS Scientific sees the addition of these two products as key to our continued expansion of our extensive product menu noted Scott Tourville, ZEUS Scientific CEO. ZEUS has been manufacturing these products on behalf of Immunomedics for over 15 years and now we will actively promote and market these products around the world. With the continued development of therapeutic agents utilizing murine monoclonal antibody products in numerous clinical applications as well as the possibility of HAMA interference in diagnostic test applications, ZEUS recognizes the high value of the information provided by these kits and the impact that the results will have on patient care. We expect many of our global customers who develop diagnostic tests and pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies who develop therapeutics and need to assess the impact of HAMA on their product(s) will be keenly interested in the availability of these products.

We are pleased to complete the sale of these test kits to ZEUS, a global leader in the field of innovative, high-quality, cost-effective clinical diagnostics products, which we have enjoyed a long-standing relationship. This is part of our ongoing strategy to divest our non-core assets while focusing on the development of therapeutics, in particular, for solid cancers, commented Cynthia L. Sullivan, President and CEO of Immunomedics.

For more information about these products or how to order them, contact Brett Booth (Director of Business Development and New Product Sales) using info@zeusscientific.com.

About Immunomedics, Inc.

Immunomedics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing monoclonal antibody-based products for the targeted treatment of cancer, autoimmune disorders and other serious diseases. Immunomedics’ advanced proprietary technologies allow the Company to create humanized antibodies that can be used either alone in unlabeled or “naked” form, or conjugated with radioactive isotopes, chemotherapeutics, cytokines or toxins. Using these technologies, Immunomedics has built a pipeline of nine clinical-stage product candidates.

For additional information on the Company, please visit its website at www.immunomedics.com. The information on its website does not, however, form a part of this press release.

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