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NBC News highlights the benefits of Lyme MTTT

Jul 15, 2020

NBC News highlights the benefits of Lyme MTTT

The ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ algorithm was recently featured on the July 8th, 2020 NBC News Center Maine evening News.  The story highlights the improvement to patient outcomes delivered by utilizing ZEUS’s FDA-cleared Modified Two-Tiered Testing algorithm by identifying and subsequently treating Lyme earlier.  Read the excerpt below and be sure to watch the video, keeping in mind ZEUS has the only FDA-cleared MTTT algorithm for Lyme testing.





“The Centers for Disease Control estimates that up to 300,000 people have Lyme Disease, but only a fraction, 30-thousand cases are actually reported every year.  That highlights a significant problem -- some experts report the standardized test used by the majority of providers and insurance companies is flawed and is accurate less than 50 percent of the time.  But a new Lyme testing method, developed by Zeus Scientific, claims to be far more precise in detecting the disease, especially in the early stages.  In studies, the new two-step test approved by the FDA showed a marked improvement in picking up a person's immune response against the disease, within the first month of infection. That's when Lyme can be successfully treated but left untreated can lead to years of lingering symptoms.  For 25 years it’s the only standardized test for Lyme disease recommended by the CDC. But it is often unreliable in catching the disease early because a patient's immune response may not be detectable.  Dr. Sean McCloy is a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats patients for Lyme and tick-borne illness.  "If clinicians are over-reliant on waiting for that positive result to come along, they may miss the diagnosis," McCloy said.

ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ is a simpler, more cost effective, faster and better way to more accurately detect Lyme disease than using immunoblots. This updated algorithm detected up to 30% more positive patients in acute early Lyme disease, the critical time to correctly identify and treat!



If you are sending out your confirmatory tests instead of running them in house, you no longer have to!  ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ makes it easier for all labs to quickly turn around both steps of the Lyme disease testing algorithm.

If you are still running Lyme disease immunoblots in your laboratory, take a look at the clinical data to see how ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ improves detection in early Lyme disease.

If you need more information please visit zeuslyme.com or contact your local account manager.

With the only FDA-approved Modified Two-Tiered Testing algorithm available, let us help you improve your ability to provide your physicians the right answers their patients sorely need!



The ZEUS Scientific Team

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