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This Friday, on Lifetime's Access Health, Learn about Lyme Disease and the breakthrough ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ Testing Algorithm

Sep 24, 2020

This Friday, on Lifetime's Access Health, Learn about Lyme Disease and the breakthrough ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ Testing Algorithm


Are you ready to learn about a faster, easier, and more accurate way to test and diagnose early Lyme disease? Then tune in TOMORROW at 7:30am EDT* to Lifetime Network’s Access Health!

Access Health is a TV series that works to educate viewers on the latest advances in medicine, nutrition and fitness.  Top physicians provide insight relating to the latest health care developments allowing the audience to become better-educated advocates for their own health.

Host Ereka Vetrini sits down with Dr. Raymond Dattwyler, M.D. to discuss the history of Lyme disease testing and the importance of the ZEUS Borrelia Modified Two-Tiered Testing (MTTT™), the breakthrough in early Lyme disease testing.

Can’t make it Friday? Watch the replay on Wednesday 9/30.


Faster. Easier. More Accurate.

The advantages of implementing ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ are clear.  The all-ELISA algorithm is the simple, sensitive and specific alternative that is changing the game in Lyme disease testing.



ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ Advantages

  • Reduces the number of missed clinically positive patient samples, especially in early Lyme disease (stages 1 and 2)
  • Removes the burden of Western blots (immunoblots) and subjectivity of reading and interpreting
  • Enables simple and flexible first-tier and second-tier testing in-house
  • Improves overall lab workflow and cost efficiencies, eliminating send-outs
  • Improves turnaround time



ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ is a simpler, more cost effective, faster and better way to more accurately detect Lyme disease than using immunoblots. This updated algorithm detected up to 30% more clinically confirmed positive patients in acute early Lyme disease, the critical time to correctly identify and treat!

If you are still running Lyme disease immunoblots in your laboratory, take a look at the clinical data to see how ZEUS Borrelia MTTT™ improves detection in early Lyme disease.


Earlier detection helps patients get the treatment they need!

With the only FDA-cleared Modified Two-Tiered Testing algorithm available, let us help you provide your physicians the answers their patients sorely need! 


Simplify your testing. Contact ZEUS today!

Visit zeuslyme.com to learn more.



The ZEUS Scientific Team

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