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ZEUS dIFine® the Next Generation in Digital IFA Imaging and Interpretation

Aug 27, 2020

ZEUS dIFine® the Next Generation in Digital IFA Imaging and Interpretation



ZEUS dIFine® is the next generation in IFA imaging and pattern recognition system.  An automated digital scanner with intelligent software, it is designed to acquire, analyze, display and store digital images of ZEUS HEp-2 IFA slides*.  ZEUS is taking your ANA IFA testing to the next level by pairing our top tier IFA ANA HEp-2 products with our dIFine® system and quickly delivering positive/negative results and interpretation of 8 distinct ANA HEp-2 patterns:  homogenous, speckled, centromere, nucleolar, nuclear dots, nuclear membrane, cytoplasmic (DFS/ribo) and cytoplasmic (AMA).


ZEUS dIFine® incorporates many features designed to streamline your ANA testing without compromising your results.  You can increase your lab’s productivity by easily screening out negative IFA samples, so you can focus your time and attention where it matters most.


With so many user-friendly features you must see it to believe it!

*For Investigational Use Only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established. Pending US FDA 510(k) clearance.

Test with Confidence. Test with ZEUS.

Now is a great time to learn more about dIFine® and take the next step with ZEUS.  For more information please visit our website or contact our sales team.



The ZEUS Scientific Family


Do not limit your view!

ZEUS dIFine® offers state of the art image acquisition and digitalizes virtually the entire well with 0.5 micron per pixel resolution allowing the technologist to zoom-in without losing clarity.  It is easy to navigate with the click of a mouse.  Unlike other systems you are not limited to pre-selected fields of view.  See more of the well with ZEUS dIFine® and be more confident in your results.


Do not spend time searching for mitotic cells!

ZEUS dIFine® automatically identifies and pinpoints the exact location of mitotic cells within the wells.  A gallery of the identified mitotic cells is provided, and by clicking any mitotic image in the gallery, the software immediately locates the selected cell and places a red square around it.  This eliminates the need to search the well to observe mitotic cells.  Your time is valuable - let ZEUS dIFine® locate what you are looking for.

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