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ZEUS ELISA™ Test Systems

Our broad test menu delivers quality and efficiency to your laboratory.

Designed with the user in mind, the ZEUS ELISA™ menu of test systems for autoimmune and infectious diseases features common reagents and universal protocol that enable:

  • Optimized workflow efficiency
  • Simplified programming for automation
  • Multi-batching of different ZEUS ELISA™ test systems on the same plate
  • Faster integration into your laboratory with minimal training required

Click below to view the universal menu guide for ZEUS ELISA™ test systems.


Improve your processing turnaround time and productivity with our quick protocol and flexible incubation steps.

Even the ZEUS ELISA™ sample diluents were designed for efficiency:

  • ZEUS ELISA™ IgG Test Systems feature SAVe Diluent®, a color-changing diluent that ensures no well is missed.
  • ZEUS ELISA™ IgM Test Systems feature IgG-removal diluent, which removes competing IgG antibodies to allow accurate detection of early infections.