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ENA Screen Test System

Intended Use

The ZEUS ELISA ENA Screen Test System is a qualitative screening assay designed to detect antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens (anti-ENA) in human sera. When performed according to instructions this test seystem is capable of detecting all anti-ENAs commonly tested for such as those against Jo-1, Sm, Sm/RNP, SSA, SSB, and Scl-70. This test system is for in vitro diagnostic use.

Product Description

  • Screen patient samples for any of the 6 ENA markers

Registration / Clearance

FDA Cleared

CE Marked

Health Canada Licensed

Product Code: 2Z2851G

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Ancillary Products:

  • (0010) ELISA Stop Solution
  • (0008L) ELISA Wash Buffer
  • (100F) Dilution Plate
  • (100FC) Dilution Plates (Case of 50)