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ANA HEp-2 Test System - 25 Slides

Intended Use

The ZEUS IFA ANA HEp-2 Test System is designed for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of antinuclear antibodies. This test system is intended to aid in determining SLE and differentiating clinically similar connective tissue disorders, and is for in vitro diagnostic use.

Product Description

  • HEp-2 cells with natural, unaltered antigens in every well FITC conjugate pre-formulated with Evans Blue Counterstain
  • This test system contains liquid, ready-to-use components. This test system contains FITC conjugate formulated with Evans Blue counterstain.

Kit Size

25 X 12 Wells 

Registration / Clearance

FDA Cleared

CE Marked

Health Canada Licensed

Product Code: FA2400

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Ancillary Products:

  • (1017P) Blotter Paper (Package of 10)
  • (FA060) ANA HEp-2 Conjugate
  • (FA0008) PBS